Welcome to the Plus-Two Blog, the soapbox of the Plus-Two Plan. If you’re not familiar with the Plan, check out the website.

While the main site presents the Platonic Plus-Two Ideal, we know there are a lot of ins, outs, and what-have-yous in the search for a college football playoff. Through this blog, we intend to probe the dark corners of any and all potential postseason formats, while also addressing a range of other issues and stories relevant to college football.

During the offseason, we’ll attempt a schedule of one major essay per week, as well as frequent reactions to individual news items and columns.

Once the season begins, you can expect a regular schedule of analysis and opinion, including predictions, postdictions, and reactions.

We’re glad to have you on board with the Plus-Two Blog. Even if you don’t find The Plan to your exact liking, there should be something on the blog for every college football fan.

In addition to the blog and main page, you can like us on facebook and follow us on twitter; lively discourse is encouraged on all platforms.

We hope you enjoy the ride as we add our two cents (and +2 sense) to college football.

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